What swims beneath the water has captivated anglers for centuries.  

Whether it's the hard-hitting action of migrating Atlantic salmon swimming upstream to spawn, the cool deep pools of a river in New Zealand where rainbow and brown trout float below the surface as muted green shadows, or the pure blue of the saltwater ocean where a variety of deep sea billfish wait for the challenge, Westervelt Sporting Lodges provides a top rate angling experience.

With expert guides provided on a low ratio for all types of angling, our customers are assured a maximum return for each cast of the rod.  Our New Zealand rainbow and brown trout fly-fishing is one hundred percent catch-and-release, and we also practice catch-and-release at our Miramichi Black Rapids Salmon Lodge in New Brunswick, Canada.

Nothing completes a day on the water like an opportunity to gather with other anglers to share “fishing stories.”  With top-rate lodging, hospitality, and gourmet food, our informal gatherings have become famous for lingering on for hours.

Join us in New Zealand, Canada, or Central America.  Once you’ve fished with Westervelt Sporting Lodges we feel sure we’ll be swapping fishing stories for a long time.

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