New Zealand

Located in the South Pacific, New Zealand is a country composed of two islands: The North Island, and The South Island. New Zealand is unique in that it has a broad range of habitats. From semi-tropical forests to open plains to the treacherous high-country, it is a paradise and provides an array of activities for the outdoor enthusiast.

New Zealand had no native mammals, other than two species of bats, when it was settled by humans. As a result all mammals were introduced, including red stag, fallow buck, rusa, sambar and sika stag, wapiti (Rocky Mountain Elk), wild boar, Himalayan tahr, chamois, and feral goats and rams.

With its unique blend of flora and fauna, the conditions in New Zealand are prime for growing big game and in recent years scoring and records have begun to reflect this. New Zealand is now the place to take a trophy red stag.

Also introduced to New Zealand were the rainbow and brown trout. With an intricate system of streams and small rivers, the waters of New Zealand are rife with self-spawning trout and have launched New Zealand to the top of global fly fishing destinations.

Westervelt Sporting Lodges Network has multiple lodging destinations in New Zealand.

On the North Island, luxurious Poronui (www.poronui.com) offers every outdoor sporting pursuit available: angling for rainbow and brown trout at the apex of the fly-fishing pyramid, hunting for trophy red stag, fallow buck, rusa, sambar and sika stag, and wing shooting for pheasant, quail, and other upland birds.

Poronui is world-renowned for its lodging, grounds, award-winning wine cellar, and gourmet dining.

The High Country of the South Island is home to Glazebrook Station, a working cattle station with high populations of red stag, Himalayan tahr, and feral goats and rams. Built to Westervelt Sporting Lodges’ high standards of luxury and privacy, and located in the infamous Marlborough wine region, Glazebrook Station provides a pristine setting for both accomplished hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Our New Zealand lodges are staffed by the finest lodge managers and guides in the business, who embrace the Westervelt standard for excellence in customer service and quality, and who go the distance to ensure your trip to New Zealand is the experience of a lifetime.

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